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Distinguished Gentlemen of the Press,

The Gulder brand has been in the Nigerian market for over 40 years and the brand continues to pioneer innovations to satisfy the Nigerian consumer. You would recall that the brand in 2004 introduced the very first 100% local content reality Television programme in Nigeria tagged; "Gulder Ultimate Search" , a creative concept to promote the brand's values of confidence, discernment, focus, courage, determination and success.

The programme, which is now in its 9th season, has become so successful that other mass market brands in the country are now adopting reality TV programmes as a marketing platform to communicate their brand essence and values especially to the youth market segment.

The "Gulder Ultimate Search" as we now know it today, started at the "mysterious Snake Island" next was the "meandering cold hills of Obudu", and from there, we found ourselves at "NIFOR", the very humid forest that houses the Oil palm research institute in Edo state. Shere Hills" in Jos Plateau State was next, followed by "Awgu Hills" Mmaku, where the Contestants discovered the "Lost Chronicle". We ventured into the Omodo Forest, Aagba in Osun State for the "Horn of Valour", the year after that we trailed the path to Omo Forest, J4, in Ogun State to search for the "Ultimate Hero" and in Season 8 we journeyed back to Edo State in the hills of the Kukurukus, Egbetua Ososo.

Distinguished Gentlemen of the Press, it is with great pleasure that I officially welcome you to season 9 of the Gulder Ultimate Search! Nigeria's foremost reality television show.
Undoubtedly previous searches have been challenging and exciting but you ain't seen nothing yet! This year promises to surpass all others in delivering the ultimate entertainment
In line with our promise to always be at the forefront of innovation, the Ultimate show would be coming to your screens once again but, this time, with a refreshingly new twist.

In keeping with the tradition, this search is expected to stretch an individual to the very limit of his or her endurance. The setting will be in the deep Forest of Usaka in Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom State. It will not be for the faint-hearted, nor the timid. Only twelve brave, courageous and determined individuals will go into the legendary woods of Usaka.

We will be bringing back not one, not two but three previous heroes to task & test the contestants. Eventually only one will remain standing after surmounting the hurdles of these heroes to find "THE GATEKEEPER'S FORTUNE".

The daily highlights will be telecast from 20th October to 16th November, 2012 on national terrestrial and satellite TV stations.

As usual Entry into the Search is free and the selection process will be rigorous with a national spread. The Application form is available on till 13th of September, 2012. This internet-based application process will lead to thousands of people being screened in 4 regions across Nigeria. The four locations for the physical regional screening will be Lagos, Owerri, Benin and Makurdi. The final screening in Lagos will produce 12 Strong, intelligent, able-bodied young men and women who are determined to go the extra mile to achieve SUCCESS.

The reward at the end as usual will be fame, fortune and much more.

The brave individual who emerges as the "Ultimate Man" will be rewarded with a cash prize of N9million (Nine Million Naira), a swagger allowance of =N=500,000 and a Brand New SUV. Other searchers will receive cash reward as follows:

1st 20,000,000.00 N9million Winner's Prize + N10.5million SUV + N500K Swaggar Allowance
2nd 3,000,000.00  
3rd 2,500,000.00  
4th 1,800,000.00  
5th 1,700,000.00  
6th 1,600,000.00  
7th 1,500,000.00  
8th 1,400,000.00  
9th 1,300,000.00  
10th 1,200,000.00  
11th 1,100,000.00  
12th 1,000,000.00  
LAST GIRL STANDING 1,000,000.00  

As usual, Safety, Health and Security on and off the search location will be of the highest standards possible. In furtherance of this, the following facilities will be put in place throughout the duration of the search:

 A fully equipped ambulance
 A well-trained medical team.
 A world-class security team.
 A comprehensive insurance cover, with one of the country's most reputable insurance companies for the Contestants, Crew and equipment.
 Modern communication gadgets to ensure minute-by-minute monitoring of all involved.

Gentlemen of the Press, Nigerian TV viewers and the International audience will for 28 days be treated to the best in entertainment, an original Nigerian Adventure programme with International standards.

Gulder is poised to offer its numerous consumers and admirers solid TV entertainment and "THE ULTIMATE" in beer enjoyment.
Gentlemen of the Press, we invite you to embark on this adventurous search with us, the search for the "GATEKEEPER'S FORTUNE". Welcome to Gulder Ultimate Search, Season 9.

Walter Drenth,

August 2012.

GUS 9 Show times

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GUS 9 Show times