Emmanuel, Chinedu and Cosy’s journey took them to the Heart of The Hunter. Emmanuel saw a clue hanging from a tree which read: “SEE The Heart of the Hunter.” Initially, they were confused as to what they were looking. Emmanuel and Cosy combed the surrounding bush for clues. After a perusal of the map, Chinedu moved around to where he could literarily see the Heart of the Hunter. They decided that Nameless provided the best view and trekked there.

At Nameless, they found a clue and three tiles. The letters WTOT were painted on the tiles. The scroll read: The place you seek begins with the letter found on the sword in another order. After deliberations, they decided to go The Snake’s Village. They figured The Snake’s Village best matched the letters which they found on the sword.

At the Snake’s Village, they found another scroll and a set of tiles. The words TOFF were written on the tiles. The scroll read: “The shield shows this image. If you say it in Igbo, you can see you found the shield from here.” Chinedu found it difficult to find an Igbo translation for the word shield and Cosy took jabs at him for this.

They decided to go to Ugwu Agu since it was the only location with an Igbo name. At Ugwu Agu, they found a scroll which read: “The letters found on the axe will lead you to the animal path to the water.” Chinedu guessed it was Three Elephants Road and they moved to the area.

At Three Elephants Road, they found a scroll which asked them to: “Go to the river and take a canoe to the place the bow provides three of the first four letters.”

They paddled their canoes to Boat Landing. There they found a scroll which asked to make camp in the bush and continue their journey in the morning.

Chidi Mokeme made a surprise appearance at the camp of the warriors. When he asked what the future held for them, both Cosy and Chinedu said they foresee a bright future.

Emmanuel said he anticipates a very promising future, adding that he possesses whatever it takes to face whatever confronts him.

Speaking on their experience, Chinedu said: “We practically had to walk round the forest of Aguleri today till we found ourselves here.” Emmanuel said the long trek enabled them to exhibit partnership, which was one of the values they imbibed during the search. According to him, Chinedu was fagged out at a point in time while he and Cosy had to help him out. He added that they all had sore feet and aching shoulders from their journey.

Cosy said seeing the various locations where they held their tasks was emotional because they visited some of the locations where some of the warriors were evicted.

Chidi told them their determination brought them to the final stage of Gulder Ultimate Search 11. He assured them that the Council of Elders knew they were capable of making it to the end of the search.

The Anchor man revealed to them that none of the several individuals who had gone into the belly of the Aguleri forest in search of the great General’s helmet had succeeded. He said: “For so many years, a lot of people, for selfish interest and motivations had embarked upon this journey, by themselves, without counsel. None had survived. But the Council of Elders knew you could make it; the Council of Elders also knew that you needed to learn these lessons in teamwork and partnership to make it this far. That’s why you had to go through these trainings. This is the closest anyone has ever gotten to the General’s Helmet.”

Chidi also advised each contestant to take time to ponder over the clues.

He also told then that their flag had served its purpose as most of the people whose names were used to form the flag have all fallen by the wayside. He asked them to leave it when the exit the camp the following day, to serve as a reminder that the three bravest warriors of the General’s army passed through the location.

In preparing them for the search the following day, Chidi informed them that the General’s helmet was not really hidden anywhere. He said: “When you find it, it will be in plain sight. The General put all the obstacles along the path to make sure that only the one that is worthy can get to the helmet. If you have overcome all the obstacles to get to the place of the helmet, then you are worthy to pick up the helmet.”

He further informed them that that there would be a guide before they get to the place of the helmet whose duty it was to give them passage. He warned: “The guide will give you passage, but before he gives you passage, you must show your right of passage. Your right of passage must be somewhere in the clues you have.”

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