The Council of Elder’s message came to Otto, Emmanuel, Cosy and Chinedu as they prepared breakfast. And it was terse. It read: “Pack everything. Destroy the camp. Then go to the place the General’s Weapon spells.”

Otto dropped the yam he was peeling and they destroyed their camp; even with their yam on fire.

With the relics of their jungle stay stuffed in their bag packs the contestants trudged on, with Chinedu as current tribe leader holding the Coscane tribe flag.

The very long walk brought them to Ugwu Agu. There, they found a sign pointing them in four different directions. Each contestant’s name pointed him to which direction to go.

Chinedu got to a location where he saw a plate of jollof rice, plantain, chicken and a cold bottle of Gulder, a rarity in the jungle.

He let out a smile and started consuming the food with his mouth before even thinking of cutlery. What he saw next jolted him and moved him to tears. His mother crept from behind and called out his name. The usually virile Chinedu appeared feeble. He was moved to tears. Still stunned Chinedu looked away from his mother. Even when she stretched out her arms, it took her to demand for a hug before the contestant son and his visiting mother became locked in a warm embrace.

She told him how much she loved him, describing him as a strong guy and restated with confidence that he would make her proud. As his tears dropped, his mother urged him to stop crying. She then raised his morale by telling him he looked handsome. She even ate part of his meal.

Her parting words were: “I will see you soon with your crown” after which she delivered a message from the Council of Elders which directed him to retrace his steps and re-join his fellow contestants.

Cosy arrived at his destination but was too scared to eat the food or touch the bottle of Gulder saying: “This is too good to be true.” He soliloquised that it may be a test from the Council of Elders and instead of munching the meal, he searched for clues. He went back to the food but would cover it each time he opened it. Though he was hungry and thirsty from the long stretch of walk under the scorching sun, he was unwilling to risk eviction over a meal, no matter how sumptuous it looked.

He instead paced the length and breadth of his location. It was then he sighted his father approaching him. He screamed, ran towards his father and fell at his feet. The father wrapped his arms around his son said: “I’ve been longing to see you. I’ve always thought of you.”

The usually tough-talking and carefree Cosy tearfully ‘reported’ the Council of Elders to his father saying: “they always mess with us in this jungle. They always do something funny and you just fall for it. ”

His father urged him to sit down eat his food. Obviously not wanting his father to go, he stood up again and clung to him. Soon, it was time for Cosy’s father to leave and Cosy once again poured out his heart. As tears flowed freely from Cosy’s eyes, he said “Thank you sir. Each day I spend in this jungle, I just appreciate your love more; the discipline you instilled in me and all of that. I didn’t know how much I was going to miss you guys until I came here. And it has been crazy. All the games have been crazy, waking up every day without knowing what to expect.”

On hearing these words, the tears which Cosy’s father tried to hold, flowed down his cheeks as he used his hands to wipe them off.

He then gave Ikenna the directive from the Council of Elders that he should join the others and left.

He said: “The Cosy I saw when he left home is no longer the same person. He has no flesh again. He has emaciated.”

Emmanuel wasted no time in eating the food as his brother crept up behind him. Speaking on how he had fared on the show so far, the contestant told his brother: “It got to a point that I had used all my strength. At that point, I knew it was prayers from you guys that kept me going.”

Emmanuel’s brother then delivered the scroll from the Council of Elders that he should join the rest of the contestants. As Emmanuel poured the remaining contents of beer from the new Gulder bottle into a glass, his brother grabbed the bottle from him and finished the content.

Otto was also stunned at his mother’s surprise appearance. Her message to him was: “Be humble, humility is very important.” His mother then prayed for him and delivered the same message from the Council of Elders for Otto to join the remaining contestants.

She said she is happy Otto has learnt his lesson about wasting food.

As Otto walked to catch up with the others, Chidi met him at the Place of The Broken Dreams. He asked Otto where he was headed and Otto said he was going to join the rest of the contestants, but was confused as to which path he ought to go through.

The Anchor man attributed his confusion to the fact that he failed the previous day’s task and promptly evicted Otto. The fallen hero was so confused that he headed the wrong way, until Chidi pointed him in the right direction out of the jungle.

As the Emmanuel, Chinedu and Cosy congregated at Ugwu Agu, where they had earlier dispersed, Chinedu asked about Otto’s whereabouts. Cosy said he may have been evicted since the plank that had his name had been removed.

They did the Coscane Tribe chant and journeyed on into the jungle.

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