NEW GUS ORDER: Two Tribes Compete For '5 Star' Accommodation

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The Council of Elders broke several age-long traditions of GUS. Broken rule number one: contestants had to perform a task instead of first seeking their jungle place of abode and erecting their shelter. Broken rule number two: contestants had to form two tribes each and stay in different camps – Red camp and Yellow camp. One Tribe would be known as The Swords and the other The Spears.  

To know which tribe each contestant belonged to, the Warriors had to ‘Dig For Tribes’. Twelve boxes were buried underneath a swampy field and each contestant had to dig up a box which contained either a yellow or red object. This they did with their bare hands. Those whose boxes contained red objects belonged to the Spears and would stay in the Red camp while those with yellow objects belonged to the Swords camp. All dug up their boxes except Martha who gave up.

The members of the Swords are: Edmond Umebuani, Ezidi Bobby Nzube, Sheidu Onozare Halima, Chapele Tracy, Salako Oladimeji Olukunle and Mary Adeboye. The Spears consist of: Okike Dennis, Brosu Anthony, Ifunanya Onike Michelle, Ijeh Peter Oseleka, Etido Ema Ebong and Martha Adeboye

Edmond was chosen as the leader of Swords Tribe while Anthony became the leader of Spears Tribe. The contestants were informed there was a five-star accommodation which they had to battle over, playing ‘Mudby’ made popular in Season 9. The losing team would camp in the ‘slum’ while the winning team would abode in a camp of luxury. Determined to occupy the choice estate, Dennis put the Spears Tribe ahead with their first goal while Anthony scored the team’s second goal. Bobby scored the Swords Tribe first goal while Edmond scored the second, levelling the score line. Seconds into the second half Peter scored for the Spears while Bobby’s goal for the Swords ensured that both sides were even. Just when the game was about to end in a tie, Dennis fouled Edmond and earned a penalty against his team. Edmond scored the penalty to put the Swords Tribe ahead of the Spears. At full-time, the Swords Tribe won the game and the right to reside in the jungle’s five-star estate.
The Swords were amazed to discover their luxurious abode had no jot of luxury; except a nearby stream, where they could have easy access to water. Both tribes had to build their shelters late into the night. Martha had to wash the mud-soaked clothes of all the contestants as punishment for not completing the first task

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